UPDATE: Wow! We never imagined the outpouring of love from so many different people! We had hoped to raise some money just to alleviate just a little bit of the financial burden from this great tragedy. We’re excited to be able to make a real difference and enable the Sheltons to really find a way to help Kayson’s legacy live on. It’s been incredible today to see the support from friends, family and total strangers. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The Sheltons are such a wonderful family and it’s so touching to see the community give back to them in such a big way during such a difficult time.

A fund has been set up for any expenses the Sheltons might incur. You can donate using the link below or by contacting Wells Fargo and donating to the account under Kayson Shelton’s name.

Kayson also loved blankets, so we are collecting donated blankets for the Project Night Night charity that gives care packages with the blankets to homeless children. Check here for more details.